Why should you appoint a Personal Project Manager?

Let’s say you have a project that you want to get done well and in a timely fashion. Would you feel better if you had someone you could hire to help you through the entire process? Someone with experience in the field of Project Management, a certified Project Management Professional, someone that can help you and support you till the completion of your project? This would be someone who works directly for you as your representative throughout the project. What projects you would require them to manage, or what pieces of work you would want them to oversee will be dependent on what your business is.

Consider their use for:

  1. Workforce coordination – If your business employs a lot of different people: full-time employees, contractors, vendors, the Personal Project Manager will manage everything on your behalf.
  2. Project Monitoring & Execution The Personal Project Manager will monitor that the day to day management of your project till the completion.
  3. Focal Point of Contact – The Personal Project Manager will be the focal point for the implementation for process, system, and/or software that fit the company’s project needs.
  4. Representation– The Personal Project Manager will work with you directly as your representative through the lifetime of the project with YOU being the final decision – making authority.
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