Manage your Business like Messi and Ronaldo plays football

Uncertainty is a defining character in any business management in today’s highly volatile market. You get blown from any angle in the market ground. As they fight their way through the turbulence market, Business Leaders can learn much from the way, two legends, Messi and Ronaldo, plays football in the battleground. These two champions have the talents to sustain in the long run. Let us examine what we can learn and adopt from them.

Messi is highly agile and can score goals in any small opportunities though Ronaldo lacks Messi’s agility but because of his sheer bulk, physical strength, and toughness he can surpass any opponents. Similarly, companies can employ agility to spot and exploit any changes in the market, and meanwhile, they can stay strong for any changes. In tough times, cultivating both capabilities in combination can help companies not only survive but emerge as true leaders in the market.

The Messi Way
Messi’s agility helps him to spot any small opportunity and shoot off before anybody can defend it. Please watch Messi’s amazing first goal during in Copa Del Ray final in 2015 against Athletic Bilbao where he demonstrated his skills. Organizational agility is a company’s ability to consistently identify and capture opportunities more quickly then its rival does. It will help them enter a faster time in the market, increase market share, and higher revenues. They should maintain a culture of operational agility across the organization.
To be agile, firms should have detailed and reliable market data. Organizational objectives should be clear to all employees and they should have a shared understanding of the situation across the department by maintaining the same sense of urgency. Crucial factors here are speed and execution. Meanwhile, Business Leader should exhibit the courage to seize the opportunity and reallocate cash systematically.

The Ronaldo Way
Agility is just not enough to win in the market. Ronaldo relies on his physical stamina, power shot and technical abilities to withstand any opponent come across him. Ronaldo can score with his head, left or right-footed. As Maradona says he is an animal. In a business context, firms can adopt strength in multiple ways including huge cash reserve, low fixed cost, top talents, and organizational structure, robust systems, power brands, huge customer base, etc to weather uncertain times.

Strong organizations will have a strong balance sheet and more cash. And their Business Leaders exhibit strong leadership capabilities. The firm’s customers will be hooked with their products, others can not easily enter their market segment.

When they both play together
Agility help companies to enter the market early and their sheer strength helps them to sustain in the new position. Both abilities complement each other. Business leaders should be getting the mix right by actively balancing over time, rather than relying on one element to survive in the challenging markets. Companies that apply both approaches emerge as true leaders.

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