My Wedding and Project Management

People usually relate the word project management to the huge projects that most of the large companies run. I am sure you better know about project management with regards to companies or businesses. However, few of us know that Project Management can apply in our Everyday Life. Here I am giving you an example, how the project management helped in my wedding.

By profession I am a project management professional, and I do feel that my Project Management background has served me very well in planning my wedding.

The wedding bell ringed while I was working in Middle East few years ago, and you know how many days of vacation we get in every years. I got hardly 22 days and even the girl has not being finalized. The very next day I landed in home town from abroad, I went to see ‘the would be girl’. It was on a Saturday. And the next day, ie, Sunday, my family held the engagement function and decided, to my surprise, to held Wedding function on next Sunday. I got just six days to prepare for my wedding. 

Wedding is one of the most cherished occasions in a person’s life. But to make these occasions larger than life, one needs to put a lot of effort. Planning begins quite early if you are looking to make the most of your wedding event. There were so much things to do before the big day. Right from jotting down the list of guests, shopping, house renovation, food items to the hall you need to book for the event and lot more. And managing all that can lead to a situation of complete chaos. But, I didn’t get scared, I took it has project.

On the same day night, I took a pocket diary and started writing my project management wedding plan, each and every activities to be done from Monday to Saturday and then on Big Day. (But not what to do on First Night, in fact, I didn’t know what to do.! ☹ . Now, I know, If I get a chance again, I would 😊). Set estimated number of hours that each task will consume, and the only constraints were time and quality, not budget. Failover plans were made covering every type of known risk. My hope is that by putting in a little extra up front, the wedding day will proceed without a hitch and I will be prepared to handle all the challenges along the way.

I started executing my project management plan from Monday onwards, I ticked all checklists one by one till the milestone event day. The day of marriage finally arrived, I was happy, everything started falling in place as designed and per expectations, and were accomplished beautifully. It was the seventh marriage function in our family. (I have six brothers and two sisters.). I believe this one was the best held marriage without any hassle and bustle, despite having short period for the preparation. My younger sister certified that.

This is an end of one Project with the wish for next project in the life and so on.

For you readers out there: project management isn’t rocket science; it just requires a lot of planning and dedication. There’s a project manager in all of us! SO, learn project management and apply in your everyday life. I hope you will find this writing helpful.

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