Reducing Business Costs using Microsoft Excel

These are tough times. And running a business even tough and it is getting tougher from time to time. These are the higher times to reduce your business operating cost by automating process.

The thing is most of the companies go for expensive software options that are usually customized for their business, however, you can get almost the
same results by using the *Microsoft Excel application*. It costs much less than these customized software. With the slightest knowledge, you will be able to get sheets that analyze your business and help you make the right decisions. It is pretty simple and save more than 70% of your budget allocation.

Recently, we, *Mission Means Consulting* helped a leading Construction Contractor in Calicut to automate their estimation and payroll process using Excel, which eventually helped them to save many days of work with just strokes of few data inputs on the specific sheets to generate report for sales, purchasing, accounts, and project management departments. It saved them many repetitive data entries. Similarly, for HR Manager, the payroll calculation was a laborious job with so many rules on attendance calculation. Now it takes only 10 minutes to calculate all of their employees salary.

While automation might be one of the essentials in order for you to run a successful business it doesn’t have to be as expensive. As you can see, the use of Microsoft Excel can provide you almost the same results as some pricier options and you will not be missing out on anything.

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