Digital transformation without investing a single penny on the software.

Digital transformation is a matter of life and death of a company. And a bold transformation approach even more import for companies right after Covid. Good news is Business Owners and CEOs are now realising that going digital is the only way forward. Unlike before, I see now less resistance for change when I suggest my clients to go digital in their operations management. Because, it changes everything about how products are designed, manufactured, sold, delivered, and serviced. However, they are worried. Crucial question is, how much money they should invest in technology..!!

The second good news is, they do not have to invest a dime for going digital transformation. When a renowned Architectural Firm approached us to improve their operations, our immediate suggestion was to digitalise their day to day management process of one department using a free and ready-made application available on cloud. Thereby they can savour the taste of digitalised operations. Steadily, they gained more experience using the tool, eventually we end up digitizing entire operations for mobilizing 250+ projects. They are now upon cloud no.9..!!

CEOs who are not yet realised the amid digital disruption headed their way, then you’ve got the wrong agenda to ensure the survival of your business, or may be you are the wrong person on the job. This may sound extreme, but it’s not. It’s increasingly clear that we’re entered a highly disruptive era. Many businesses that fail to transform themselves will disappear.

Mohammed Nizam
Principal Consultant – Mission Means

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