Earn the credential MISSION MEANS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL to prove you have the specific skills employers seek. It will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility by undergoing one month intensive training on the job skills you need at the work place success .

The credential holders demonstrate their skills in multiple business functions like Finance, Project Management, Operations, Sales, Logistics, Report Generation, and Client Service along with most sought after soft skills such as Leadership, Creativity, Team Work, Conduct Meeting, Problem solving, Professionalism, Decision Making and Executive Body Language.

For an employer, having the credential holder as a staff is a strategic asset. It is a reliable benchmark for their staff performance and reduce their time on-boarding process.

The one month (50 hours) intensive Campus to Corporate training program is primarily targeted at final year post graduate/graduate students to help them to perform better in the recruitment process and prepare for the corporate world.

To ensure that our program suits the requirements of most of the industries at large, the training will be conducted using the blended pedagogy using experiential learning, role plays and real-life experiences shared by experienced facilitators.

We are using Psychometric Tools to identify the participants ideal job preference and to know the inborn, innate potential, intelligence and personality.

The comprehensive coverage includes sessions on:
• Business English Communication
• Professional Body Language & Office Etiquette
• Developing Interpersonal Skills
• Developing Executive Presence
• Self-Leadership
• Resume Preparation
• Delivering impacting Interviews
• Professional Mindsets
• Skills you need for Workplace Success
• Working in a Team
• How to resolve Conflict with the Colleague
• Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook)
• Business Operations
• Project Management

Contact us to get to know more about our programs: +91-9400384440 or visit our website www.missionmeans.com/academy

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