Our team have the business skills to help you succeed.

Business Analysis—Business problem solving

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to solve problems for small business owners.

"Business Analysis", means just that: working out what isn't working right and finding a way to fix it.

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Process improvement

Improve the performance of your business—and get more time at home—by redesigning the way that you work, using smart computer systems and stress-free automated processes.

Find out what is holding you back.

We use tools from Lean and Six Sigma (that we've adapted for small businesses) to find and correct problems in your processes.

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Process mapping

Often the first step to successfully scaling a business, is to capture all the information held in peoples' heads. This can then be used to train new staff.

We're good at getting that information in to a logical and easy-to-understand format.

We use standard language and simple symbols such as Business Process Model and Notation™ (BPMN™) to record the details of your processes.

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Software selection

Choose the right tools for your business.

Choosing the right software for your business can be very time-consuming and stressful.

We have experience of specifying and selecting systems for all sorts of businesses.

Read our guide to choosing software

Software automation

Make your business processes flow smoothly.

Automation can eliminate mundane steps in each process to allow your teams to concentrate on the areas where they can add value.

Automate labour intensive tasks, such as data entry and re-keying.

Automate emails, letters, text messages, tweets and even phone calls to your customers.


Sage Accounts

Adobe Acrobat


Google Chrome

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Excel

Windows Server

Integration—making your systems talk to each other

Connect your apps. Automate your business.

Feed data from one system to another to save time and eliminate errors. Automatically update your accounts with data from your stock system, for example.

Or capture information from external sources, such as Royal Mail® or Companies House to speed up customer on-boarding.

We use low-cost, cloud-based tools to synchronise information between apps:




Reporting. Know where you are.

Gain new insights with crystal clear reporting.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business processes with real-time reporting and constantly updated online dashboards.

Find the details you need quickly with custom reports designed for your board meetings.


Sage Accounts

SAP Crystal Reports

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Excel

Business Transformation

Planning to retire? Planning a big purchase? Planning a new business, a new service, a new office?

We'll crunch the numbers for you, and make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

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Project Management

Do you already have an ongoing project that you're working on?

Do you really have the time it needs to see it through? Are deadlines slipping?.

Let a professional project manager deal with it.

We use the PRINCE2® project management methodology, tailored for small businesses.

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Internal Audit

For larger businesses that want or need an Internal Audit or compliance monitoring function, we can set up, plan and deliver a system of regular audits.

All work is supervised by an experienced Certified Internal Auditor.

Read about our internal audit service

Business management—hiring and motivating teams.

Our team have worked in businesses large and small. In senior positions and junior positions.

Take advantage of our experience.

Business process management—orchestrating and monitoring business processes.

Our team have worked on a number of larger projects using some of the best business process management (BPM) software available.

Kofax TotalAgility

Bizagi Engine

K2 blackpearl

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